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The August Cozy Mug is so awesome! First of all, it’s in Purple. My favorite color, next to Leopard print (it IS a color! I don’t care what you say!). I’m on a diet, so I was worried there would be something tempting and naughty, like last month, but there wasn’t. Thank Goodness! Next month, bring it, Cozy Mug!

This was the last of the summer Cozy Mug boxes. Next month they are moving in to Fall themed boxes, which I’m SO excited for! The card they send says this box is “a nice calming theme” featuring chamomile, lavender and peppermint. I am particularly excited about this box, because it includes many of my favorite flavors of teas in brands I’ve never tried.

There are three loose teas by the M&K’S Tea Company. These come in Lavender Daze, Honey Vanilla Chamomile, and Peppermint Peace. Each was sent for calming, and for days that you might need help with a tummy ache. Peppermint is amazing for that! I drink a Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea every night before bed, so I was really excited for this one! Peppermint tea is my go to tea when I don’t feel well, with stomach or sinus issues, and sometimes when I just want a good cuppa! I love Lavender tea, but I haven’t found one to make at home that doesn’t taste medicinal. I can’t wait to try this one!20150901_231131

Next was Lavender essential oil mist by Hugo Naturals. When I’m particularly anxious, I spray my bed, room, and even my PJ’s with a lavender vanilla spray from Bath and Body Works that is hard to beat. However, this one is VERY close! The card says, “this one is Non-staining, Vegan, Gluten Free and very calming.” These points are very important for those who are Vegan, meaning it was not made from animal products or byproducts. Gluten free living seems to be a trend of sorts, however, there are those who are truly gluten intolerant and some who are allergic. Being a gluten free product means that it is safe for the skin, and won’t cause unwanted skin conditions. The bottle is compact, and will fit in any purse, which I love! It’s perfect for trips, and dentist appointments; because who doesn’t get anxious at the dentist?!

Green Sencha and Orchid Oolong teas by The Art of Tea were also featured this month. I drink green tea daily, and cannot wait to try this one! It’s a great antioxidant, and is just plain yummy! The Orchid Oolong sounds amazing as well. That might have to be one to try with my sister!


Next was an AMAZEBALLZ candle! OH EMM GEE! It is the Black Tea and Cognac candle by Aquiesse. Oh my Lawd! I can’t say enough about it! According to the card they have sent this one out before and it was a fan favorite. I can/smell why. Seriously, I want this in a spray, la      rge candle, wax melts, window cleaner, toilet cleaner, car smell’em good, hair spray, perfume… Yeah, I kinda like it!

A wonderful Etsy store, Cynla, contributed a cute card. Her store has really cute cards that you can order. I love when artists, and Etsy store are included in boxes. It’s helping an individual get their products out there, instead of relying on large conglomerates. It’s just a more personal way of saying thank you and I love you, in my opinion.

This month’s box was beyond expectations. I’m really loving this Cozy Mug subscription service! You can get yours at Subscriptions are based on US prices, at $19.95/month. Tea fans will love this box, and all the goodies provided. It’s a great subscription for yourself, or as a gift for the tea fanatic in your life!

August Cozy Mug back

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