The Cozy Mug – September 2015


Cozy Mug has been teasing us for a few months about the excitement of the fall editions of the subscription. I think the main part of the excitement for most of us was just that it was FALL. We just want the cooler weather, beautiful colors, cooler weather, tasty spices, cooler weather. I think you get the point. This month’s box didn’t disappoint. I really enjoy fall flavors, and can’t wait to dive into this one!
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Nature Box – September 2015

I have had a subscription to Nature Box for a 3 months now. It contains healthy snacks, made from organic, natural ingredients. One of the things that I love about it is that it is fully customizable. Once you have your subscription set up, you can go on the site and look through all of the descriptions of the different snacks, and decide for yourself what you’d like to try. I personally can’t stand raisins in things. To me, they are so be eaten alone or in cereal. Period. Nowhere else. With Nature Box, I can see all of the ingredients, and make sure I’m not going to be unpleasantly surprised.

This month I received Honey Dijon Pretzels, Whole Wheat Chocolate Animal Cookies, Whole Wheat Vanilla Animal Cookies, Cinnamon Spice Almonds, Chocolate Banana Chips, Coconut Cashews, Jalapeno and White Cheddar Popcorn, and Peanut Butter Nom Noms.
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