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For the Love of Makeup

Granny (5)

Most of my life I’ve had a passion for all things beauty. My Granny was, and still is posthumously, a huge influence in my life. She taught me so many valuable things from being a strong woman, standing your ground, speaking your truth, kindness, compassion, how to be a Southern Bell, cooking, sewing, and hair and makeup. She was an old school Beautician, who owned her own beauty shop. You didn’t ever accuse her of being a Stylist and owning a Salon. You never knew what hair color she was going to have from week to week. In the early 80’s she picked me up from elementary as a surprise. She had hot pink hair and was wearing a black outfit that appeared leather, but wasn’t. All my friends thought she was the coolest thing they’d ever seen.  Now that she’s gone, I feel like my love of makeup has grown, simply because it reminds me of her. She was fearless, and would try anything as long as it wasn’t an orange red lipstick.

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