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It has been about 5 months since our last blog post. Why? Because Tasha and I are a couple of lazy cows. New content is in the works and we look forward to getting back on the blogging wagon!

August 2016 Ipsy Bag!

Tasha and I got our IPSY bags today. I really liked the bag design this month! I really enjoy this subscription service since I get to try out a bunch of different brands each month for only $10.When you sign up for the service you answer a bunch of questions about your product preferences and style. They base the products they send you on your answers so  many times my bag will be different from my sisters bag. Check out a side by side comparison:

IPSY August 2016

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Why I Climb


It’s been 5 years since I was diagnosed with postpartum obsessive compulsive disorder.  At my lowest I was in a constant state of panic. There are literally months of my oldest daughters first year that I do not remember. Those days were supposed to be the happiest of my life but they were the exact opposite. I still look over my shoulder and wonder if the darkness will come back. Traumas like that make people search for meaning out of chaos or at least a way celebrate their victory over darkness. Postpartum Progress’s Climb out of the Darkness has become my personal way of celebrating my fight.

The first climb I led was a family and friends only affair. We met at the Zoo and talked about our struggles. It felt wonderful to bare my heart and share my story with family. I opened the second Climb I led up to the public. I only had one non family member register but she has become my co leader and friend. She led the Climb last year as I had a new baby and wasn’t up to the responsibility. She is straight up awesome!

I climb because I know how lonely recovery can be. I climb because I MUST make the hell that my family and I went through be worth something. I climb because I don’t want any family to feel like they are powerless in the face of PMAD’s. I lead these climbs because I know there is light and I hope to show other moms the way.

Climb Out of the Darkness® is the world’s largest event raising awareness of maternal mental illness, including Postpartum Depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosis and pregnancy depression and anxiety. The event was created and is run by the nonprofit Postpartum Progress Inc. Every year on or near the Summer solstice (the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere), teams of mothers and their supporters gather to climb out of the darkness by walking, climbing or hiking together to help shine the most light on maternal mental illness and raise funds to support the work of Postpartum Progress.

Click here for more info on the Climb Out of the Darkness world wide campaign.
Click here for more information about the DFW Team
Click here to find a Climb near you.

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Texas Civil War Museum


I am not very good at remembering things, as my close friends and family will attest too. However, I love history. I can’t remember dates, but I love watching movies about history, reading and visiting places of history and museums.

Today, Ray and I took a little trip across town to see the Texas Civil War Museum, located off of 820 in Fort Worth. Until a month ago Ray, nor I, knew it existed. He had mentioned something about going to one of the museums earlier in the week, so I planned a surprise outing this morning.
The outside of the building reminds me of an old plantation. I am sure that was the idea, and it was very pretty. After looking back at the information it was just that. It was built to house the treasures inside.
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Nerd Block Jr. – September 2015


Nerd Block Jr. is the kids version of Nerd Block subscription box. It’s $13.99 a month, and promises to contain around $60 worth of toys and other cool stuff for the little geeklings in your life.
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