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Most of my life I’ve had a passion for all things beauty. My Granny was, and still is posthumously, a huge influence in my life. She taught me so many valuable things from being a strong woman, standing your ground, speaking your truth, kindness, compassion, how to be a Southern Bell, cooking, sewing, and hair and makeup. She was an old school Beautician, who owned her own beauty shop. You didn’t ever accuse her of being a Stylist and owning a Salon. You never knew what hair color she was going to have from week to week. In the early 80’s she picked me up from elementary as a surprise. She had hot pink hair and was wearing a black outfit that appeared leather, but wasn’t. All my friends thought she was the coolest thing they’d ever seen.  Now that she’s gone, I feel like my love of makeup has grown, simply because it reminds me of her. She was fearless, and would try anything as long as it wasn’t an orange red lipstick.

I’ve never bought a high end beauty product, though I have several. They are mostly hand-me-downs, and gifts. Makeup is my favorite gift. Even if it’s not something I’d normally wear. In my makeup table, I have Urban Decay, MAC, Lancome, Avon, Benefit, IT, Bed Head, NYX, Maybelline, Cover Girl, Wet n Wild, ELF, L’Oreal, Physicians Formula, and many others. No brand is too cheap for me! If I try one that I really don’t like, I won’t buy it again, obviously. However, if I get a terrible eye shadow, I might try the lip stick. You never know.

Some people go antiquing, I go Makeup’ing.

I love to go to places like Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, and drug stores in search of cheap makeup. Last weekend we were looking for shoes to wear for our brother’s wedding. I didn’t find shoes, but I found the special Revenge palette by NYX that retailed for $21.45 on Amazon. I snagged mine for $4.99, and a smile!

Mom and I went to Walgreen’s drug store for large band aids. There was a huge sale on ELF and Wet n Wild products. Many of which were BOGO free. We left with 6 eye shadows, 6 eyeliners, 3 lip liners, 3 lip glosses, 6 makeup brushes, and 6 lipsticks, for less than $20.  She even got her hair color BOGO free. Of course, I had to be difficult and get a color that wasn’t on sale, but a girl knows what she likes! We forgot the band aids. HA!


I’ve got an app for that!

I have a note pad app that I use to note dupes that I find for high end products, or just products that I want in general. I like having on my phone, because like most people of this century, my phone is always with me. I can refer to my phone any time that I find myself in front of a sales rack, and see what I wanted and make notes of what to get next time. My personal favorite is Inkpad. It’s available on play store for Androids, not sure about iOS.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Don’t be afraid to try colors that you are sure will look terrible on you. I’ve always been terrified of hot pink blush. I’ll wear hot pink lip stick, and will rock that shit. However, hot pink blush? OMG, No! However, I learned that if I use a stipple brush, light handedly, it is Beautiful! It gives a healthy, glow to your cheek. That said, I’m like my Granny. If anything has an orange tint, I can’t. NOPE! Just don’t be afraid of crazy colors, unless you know that the base color is one that will make you look like an Oompa Loompa, like Orange does to me. Have fun with makeup!


It’s about You, and Only YOU!

“You don’t need makeup to impress a man.” Pfththtth, it’s about ME, I don’t care what men think! “You shouldn’t use makeup to hide behind!” Um, it brings out my natural beauty, enhances it, so how’s that hiding? I don’t get that one. “Makeup is for people who don’t have confidence.” What the What?! Seriously? Where do people come up with this crap?! I wear makeup to enhance how I feel on the inside. It’s about YOU! It’s about how YOU feel. To hell with everyone else! If you feel more confident and sassy sans makeup, then Go For It! If you’re a man who loves looking like the fabulous Ru’Paul, then Honey, flaunt that shit! If you like looking like a Barbie, more power to you! It’s your life, and makeup is there, or not, to enhance who you are.

YouTube is a great place to learn!

If you have no idea what to do with all those colors, brushes, or that wild hair, YouTube is there to help! There are a lot of beauty guru’s with amazing channels. You can learn to do every day looks, day to night looks, bold, summer, trendy, Halloween, Holiday…any type of look you may want.

Kandee Johnson is one of my all-time favorite YouTubers. She spunky and sassy, and has a great, positive sense of humor. She’s a makeup artist for print, TV and movies, so she’s a wealth of information as far as hair and makeup. The looks on her channel range from every day, to more bold, to Halloween looks.

My current obsession is with Jaclyn Hill. The looks she puts together are beyond amazing! Her videos are very informative, humorous, and energetic. I’d love to have a forth of her energy! She’s in her early twenties, which blows my mind. Her talent is too vast to be that young! She has teamed with Becca cosmetics to formulate a BEAUTIFUL highlighter called Champagne Pop. It’s a soft white gold with peach undertones. It goes so well with all skin tones! I cannot wait to get my hands on one! You can find yours at Sephora!

Who doesn’t Love Michelle Phan?! Another youngster! I make myself sound SO old! HAHA! I’ve read that she was turned down to work as a Makeup artist for Lancome a few years ago. Now she’s their Head Makeup Artist, and a founder of Ipsy subscription bags, and an author! She taught me how to do my eyebrows properly, many moons ago, so she’s close to my heart for saving me tons of money. She’s an advocate for other YouTubers, and very supportive of the community as a whole. Not only is she talented, but she’s a great person. She’s a great role model for the young girls who are watching her videos.

Wayne Goss is AMAZING, and I’ll say it, Hot! He’s another makeup artist turned YouTuber. He brings a ton of experience and knowledge to his channel. He makes it look easy! If you like to know the technicalities of why and how makeup is applied he’s your guy. He doesn’t just show you how, he teaches you why. The nerd in me LOVES that!

PixieWoo are sisters from the UK who know their craft! They can do any look you might want. They stay on trend, and are the ladies behind the wonderful Real Techniques makeup brushes. I Adore these brushes! They are as wonderful as expensive high end brushes, but more affordable. I love a good dupe, but these aren’t dupes. These are amazing on their own! You can get yours at Ulta!

There are too many mention!

No matter where you are influenced, and inspired, be who you are. Enhance your inner beauty with what makes you happy, and spread that happiness wherever you go!


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