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I started receiving the Cozy Mug subscription box last month, July 2015. It included teas and a hand lotion by the Charleston Tea Plantation, A rosemary lip balm from Lost River Naturals, benne wafer cookies from the Olde Colony Bakery South Carolina, and three honey sticks from the Brushy Mountain Bee Farm.

The Charleston Tea Plantation provided teas in Plantation Peach, Rockville Raspberry, Carolina Mint, and Charleston Breakfast teas. I loved these teas! The peach, mint and breakfast teas were so wonderful! I loathe raspberries, so I can’t comment on what I refuse to try. However, I’ll pass it along, and see what they say about it. My 3 year old niece loved the peach tea at the tea party we had. I’m a huge fan of mint teas for Certain times of the month <wink wink>, and just in general. It’s great for soothing the tummy and if you have sinus issues.

American Classic glycerine hand therapy lotion by the Charleston Tea Company was included as well. It was great, and purse size. It had a wonderful smell, and felt very hydrating. It was purse size, so that was a plus! In Texas, we all carry hand lotion due to the heat and recent drought.

Lost River Naturals lip balm was included in the box as well. You got either Rosemary or Lemon Drop. Unfortunately, I got Rosemary. Again, I’m not a fan. I’m not generally a picky person, but there are some flavors and scents I can’t do. Rosemary as a flavor, and Raspberry Anything is a No Go. I did like the balm, just not the scent. It wasn’t greasy or too slick for lipstick. I’d definitely give other scents a try!

A wonderful addition to the teas were the Benne Wafer cookies by Olde Colony Bakery South Carolina. They were vanilla flavor, my personal favorite, smelled Wonderful, and tasted even better! The wafer cookies are handmade from the bakery.

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm honey sticks are so much fun! In the South we love our sweet tea! It included Grape, Strawberry and Watermelon. I’d love to get a large assortment for our tea parties!

July Cozy Mug back0001

Get your subscription at www.thecozymug.com for $19.95/month. It’s a great gift for any tea lover!

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