A couple of months ago we trekked out to Grapevine Mills mall. We did a little shopping, went to Legoland Discovery Center, and ate at Rain Forest Cafe. Basically what I’m telling you is that we are now bankrupt… hehe just kidding… sort of…

First off we spent a few hours at Legoland. I saved money by getting my tickets online and was able to choose an entry time. We went at 10:30 on a Saturday and there was no line. I’m guessing that wouldn’t be the case for special events or during the summer. We got Legoland/ Sea Life Aquarium combo tickets and it came to about $30 a person.

The first thing you do is take a family picture against a green screen. They ask you to do a few different poses. They were cute but I don’t know if they were $27 worth of cute…

We waited for the Legoland Factory doors to open up and were treated to a “factory tour”. The girl that was presenting was unintelligible over the mic. She’d ask the kids to do something and we’d all stare blankly. The factory itself was really neat though! Maia got to turn the wheels and help make the Lego pieces. All of the kids get a memento Lego piece once the tour ends. The whole thing takes about 5 minutes or so.




Once you are let out of the factory you walk into a huge open play area. It’s sectioned off into themed areas such as the Princess Castle. There you can play with the the princess themed Lego sets and sing karaoke on the stage.

NOTE: Don’t let your kid near this area if you are a germaphobe. The microphone is not policed and it was in kids mouths and on the floor and I was really glad that Maia didn’t feel like singing that day.

The Lego City Fire Academy is a play area that Maia wasn’t allowed into because she isn’t 40” tall yet. We were sent to the DUPLO village around the corner. Strangely the height requirement sign was still 40” there but there was no staff guarding entry. We spent most of the time there watching Maia climb and slide, climb and slide, climb and slide. Lilly loved holding the DUPLO blocks, Jason and I liked not worrying about Maia being trampled by the jerky 8 year olds in the big kids area.




The Lego Racers Build and Test area was suuuuper crowded. It looked like a lot of fun but Maia is not quite old enough to build with the tiny classic Lego blocks. She tried for a few minutes and got frustrated with all of the pieces. We took her over the the earthquake tables and she loved building towers and testing how strong they were.

Maia’s favorite area was the Forest Ranger Pursuit. It is basically a track that winds around a room. Kids get into little jeeps and steer them around. She had a lot of fun and wanted to go again but by that time it was starting to get pretty crowded.

Jason’s favorite was the Kingdom quest Laser Ride. It was a ride that takes you through some lego scenes and you shoot at targets with a laser gun so you can save a  princess. It was really cute! Maia got to ride it twice, once with me and once with Jason.

We browsed the gift shop and Maia got a Lego ambulance. This is when I realized how freaking expensive Legos are. Holy crap!

As I’m writing this I realize how much of the center we missed out on. We didn’t see Miniland, the Ninjago training camp, the 4D movie, and Merlin’s Apprentice Ride. I guess this just gives us something to do if Maia ever wants to go back. Honestly I kinda hope she doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, the place is a lot of fun for kids. There are tons of things you can do not to mention the time you could spend just building things with all of the Legos lying around the place.

My issues with Legoland are



2) Parents can be rude as hell. I don’t know if these people are just completely unaware of others or just don’t care.


DON’T park your big ass stroller in everyone’s way.

DON’T let your kid be an asshole.


DON’T be an asshole to your kid.

Just. Don’t.

If you have a Lego lover in your house I think Legoland will be awesome. Especially if they are over 4 and able to enjoy all of the rides and play areas. If your kids aren’t really into Legos I think there are other options that would be better.

On the way out of the mall I asked Maia what her favorite part of the day was. You know what she told me?

“I loved the ride next to Legoland Momma! Dat was my favorite!”

Yes, her favorite part was riding the little mall carousel ride next to the entrance of Legoland.


We didn’t make it to Sealife Aquarium that day but it is on my 2016 bucket list. Look for my review of that in the nearish future.


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