Nerd Block time! Whoop! Whoop!

:happy dance:

Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box service that sends you cool nerdy stuff every month. It costs $19.99 a month, and (unlike Loot Crate) contains a T-Shirt in every box. This month’s theme is Hyperspace. The company promised cool Star Wars related stuff, so I finally made the switch from Loot Crate to Nerd Block this month to partake in the Star Wars “force friday” hype.

Check out all the goodies!



This shirt is a mash up of both the classic, and the modern Cylons, as well as Daft Punk’s , Random Access Memories album cover. It’s a pretty rad Nerd Block exclusive from Shirt Punch


Next, I got a Supernatural mystery figure. I don’t watch Supernatural, but I’ve heard good things. This will make it’s way to my brother, who is a fan. Get one of your own from Amazon.


This cool Star Trek Original Series Enterprise dashboard thing-a-bob is my favorite item in the box, and is also a Nerd Box exclusive. I loves me some Star Trek!


I also got my very own copy of the viral “Drunken Promises” poster! Here is a little backstory:

“A few weeks back, I got good and drunk. As I do with times like that, I went onto a Facebook silkscreen art group, and said- “Hey, if 50 of you want a poster of Starlord riding a Velociraptor, I’ll do it.” I went to bed, and the next day, literally 160 people put their money down on a drunken promise.” via Nakatomi Inc


Finally, this BB8 plush is the ONLY Star Wars item in the box. While it IS cute and I love BB8, it was the ONLY Star Wars item. I am kinda bummed about that.


Overall, I am happy with this box. I like that many of the items were exclusives, BUT I think we could’ve done with just a little more Star Wars. Oh well! Nerd Block promises 2 vinyl figures in the October box, so I am looking forward to that! If you’re interested in getting your own Nerd Block order by September 25th, and you will get a free “welcome block”.



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