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GUYS! This month’s POPSUGAR Must Have box is amazeballs!!


image via Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion – $18

This lotion’s coconut milk scent is nice and subtle. I have to be careful with scents because I have bad allergies. I am happy to say this doesn’t make me sneeze. Yay! It feels like a standard lotion not a super thick hand cream. I like it and look forward to changing up my lotion game for a little while.

Victoria’s Secret Rewards Card –  $20

This card works like a gift card but is only good until 3/31. I’ll be getting Jason some cologne from VS for Valentine’s Day so this will come in handy! He wears Sexy for men… I LOVE!



image via Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret Sport Socks – Special Extra

A 2 pack of these socks goes for $12 on their site. They are nice and thick and have a cushioned area on the back that help your ankle not get mangled by your shoes. Are they worth the money? Not to me. I am really glad I got a pair to try though!



image via beautycounter.com


Beautycounter Nourishing Cleansing Balm – $50

This is an interesting product. You rub the thick balm into your dry face and rinse off with warm water and a washcloth. I was skeptical that it would remove my makeup but it totally does! This stuff is expensive though. I like that I get to try fancy schmancy products out but I don’t think I’d ever pay $50 for a face wash. That’s cray cray!



image via jewelrystorm.com

Jewellery Storm Arrow Ring – $28

OOooo shiny! This ring is so cute and dainty. It’s just the style I like. The arrow style is on trend and perfect for Valentine’s Day. Check out Jewellery Storm’s store and use the code: SCORE30 for 30% off.




Fringe Studio Glass Tray – $14

DUDE! SCORE! I have been looking for a tray to use on my vanity. Now I have one that’s super cute!




Tilo Heart Scarf – $125

This is a POPSUGAR exclusive heart design! I <3 it a lot!  It’s delicate fringe and subtle gray color are adorbz!




Foodstirs Heart Cookie Mix – $12.95

This awesome kit came it a cookie mix, heart cookie cutter, and instruction card. The cookies we made were pretty good but a little on the hard side. Maia and I had a lot of fun using the kit and I am considering getting a couple more from their site. If you’d like to try the company out for yourself use the code: POPSUGAR to get 50% off of your first month’s subscription.

So, there ya have it! This month’s POPSUGAR is one of the best boxes I can remember from the past year. I was thinking of pausing my subscription after this month but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Damn you POPSUGAR! Just when I tried to get out you pulled me back in! 😉


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