It took longer than expected for me to get my first Popsugar box of 2016. It seems to me that many of these boxes ship out in waves. I guess I was in one of the last waves. This is a total guess on my part… I really don’t know… anyhoo…

So, I’ve decided to do these box reviews a little different. There are SO many unboxings on Youtube. I love them and admit to getting sucked into watching video after video until I realize “Sweet Chezus. It’s 4:30 in the morning. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!” What I am going to start doing is using the products in each box at least once then give you quick reviews them. SO, let’s just jump right in shall we?



Chap Stick Total Hydration – $2.99


I have tried so many different lip moisturizers. I have come to the realization that good ol chapstick is the bomb diggity and I don’t need to spend a butt load of money on fancy schmancy lip balms. My favorite is classic Cherry Chapstick but this vanilla stuff is great!

Not Soap, Radio Shower Gel – $22


This shower gel came in handy since I am out of my usual Lavender body wash from bath and body works. The card from the box show 5 different scents but I got a duplicate scent. Each scent is named something like Liquid Freud (the best smelling) or Swimming with Sharks (smells like Comet cleaner… ew) I used the Liquid freud and though it smells pretty good it wasn’t life changing. I rate this a “meh”

Patchology FlashMasque – $20


We got a trio of these things called “flash masques”. I choose the illuminating one and opened the thing up to discover that it is a mask that feels like a soaking wet paper towel. Honestly it totally grossed me out. I hate that texture. The paper moved a lot if I talked or laughed. The product that the mask was infused with smelled ok and didn’t irritate my skin. I will give the other masks a try just so they don’t go to waste but I won’t be seeking more of them out. If you would like to test them out yourself use the code POPSAVE25 on their site for 25% off and free shipping.

Pehr Designs Bin – $40


This bin is cute, roomy, and is currently full of baby toys. This is one of those Popsugar products that I love getting because it goes to immediate use. LOVE!

Check out their site and use the code  PEHRPOP

Blue Sky Day Planner – $15.99


I love the color and layout of this planner! In the front it has pages for you to outline some goals, In the back there are a lot of blank pages for notes. The body of the planner is laid out in a weekly format with check lists for each day. My life is a checklist. My checklists have checklists. I usually use a spiral notebook but I look forward to giving the planner a try but I am not sure that it will have enough space to contain my Obsessive Checklist Disorder.

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo – $18.99

I read through some of this book. My initial thought was that this woman has waaaay too much time on her hands. I am not gonna gaze at my shirts and thank them for their usefulness. My shirts are lucky if they are clean. BUT I decided to ignore the weird ass “philosophy” of the book and try out one of the authors practical tips. There is a “KonMari” way of folding shirts. Below is a before and after of my husband’s t-shirt drawer. I must admit it DOES look better and I could probably get a few more shirts than normal in this drawer but holy crap her folding method took forever.


I had this book on my Christmas list so I was excited to check it out. Alas, It’s just a little too hippy dippy. Seriously she likens folding shirts to Buddhist monks carving religious statues.

Just. Really. Weird.

And lastly here is our taste test of the snack that was included

Project 7 Summer Snow Gum – $1.99

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