We are sisters born and raised in Texas. What does that mean? Well, mostly it just means there is an overabundance of “y’alls” used around here as well as a shared obsession with Tex-Mex.



Kohni About Pic


Kohni is a stay at home Mom to two girls. She used to play video games a lot until her girls stole her free time heart. Now, she home schools her 3 year old, thinks about cleaning the house, watches too much TV, and folds laundry. SO much laundry…so so much laundry.

“Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.”


Tasha About Pic


Tasha is tired. A Lot. It’s hard work being this fabulous! Sister, daughter, friend, and most importantly, Partner in Crime to 2 amazing nieces! She’s a professional student, smart ass, and TV watcher. She throws the most epic Picnics Under the Table, just ask the nieces! Tasha is an avid cook, loves makeup, and is a mom to her little psycho, a.k.a. Phynneus P. Butthole III.

“It’s Better to a smart ass, than a dumb ass!”