I am not very good at remembering things, as my close friends and family will attest too. However, I love history. I can’t remember dates, but I love watching movies about history, reading and visiting places of history and museums.

Today, Ray and I took a little trip across town to see the Texas Civil War Museum, located off of 820 in Fort Worth. Until a month ago Ray, nor I, knew it existed. He had mentioned something about going to one of the museums earlier in the week, so I planned a surprise outing this morning.
The outside of the building reminds me of an old plantation. I am sure that was the idea, and it was very pretty. After looking back at the information it was just that. It was built to house the treasures inside.


We viewed a film telling about the civil war upon first entering. It was very informative, entertaining, and interesting.
There are displays of uniforms from both the union and the confederate soldiers. There are cannons, guns, rifles, swords, and many other weapons of the period displayed. There are stories told in each display, not verbally so much as in just looking and knowing that the people that wore them or used them were not so different from us today. Walking through the museum the thought was always running through my mind…. How and why would the people of our country let something to cause brothers, fathers, sons, and neighbors fight and kill each other the way they did? The defining of our nation was what it was. A country of freedom for all.

The North being more about industry, and the south was more about farming. Most at that time knew not how to operate a large plantation without slaves they fought for their way of life as they could not fathom life without slaves. Most I think knew it was an abomination to own slaves, but could not figure out how to continue operating their large plantations without them. Some fought to keep their slaves, but most I think fought more for their way of life. Economics so to speak.
And so the Civil War was something that had to happen to begin the definition of a country.


Back to the Museum.
They offer a treasure hunt for students, but I wanted to do it. It reminded me of my childhood when Seagraves would have a town treasure hunt.
The prize at the end of the tour was the knowledge gained from having to slow down and look more closely at the items on display in order to answer the questions on the form.
Being a woman you would think the dresses at the end of the tour would be my favorite part of our tour.

Not so. As we were walking through the first part of the museum a gentleman approached us, and asked if we would like for him to take us through the artillery room. He only had a few minutes so we took him up on his offer. He explained how the cannons worked and taught us about the different kinds of cannons. The tour was very interesting and I could tell that the volunteer loves the day of the week he works there a lot.


We had a wonderful time seeing the history there, listening to stories and learning about our past. I would highly recommend the tour to everyone. It showed both sides of the war.

Do I agree with the Confederate side of the war? NO
Do I think all of the Confederate Flags should be burned? NO
The Civil War was a war our country seems to have had to fight in order to define our nation; to begin the fight for freedom for all of our citizens, not just those with light skin.
Like I said in the beginning, I have an awful memory, but didn’t someone once say “to ignore history leaves us open to repeat it”… something like that.


I saw a picture of the remaining soldiers from the Civil War marching in a parade years after the war was over. It was both Union and Confederate soldiers marching together as friends. And so, I think for all of us we need to remember the war; not try to erase it. I myself am glad it had the outcome it did. Slavery was awful. It never should have happened. Some in our country fought to free the slaves, others fought to preserve their way of life at the expense of the slaves they owned.
My hats off to the Texas Civil War Museum!


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Karen Murphy is a history nerd, with a slight obsession with Ben Franklin. She loves to spend time with her family, dog, traveling to historical sites, reading, and watching anything about history. She’s also, Mom, to Kohni and Tasha, of On 15th and L.




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