Journaling is touted as a great way to alleviate anxiety, resolve negative feelings and help you unload the stress of life in general. If you are like me you have bought a journal or diary of some kind with the intention of filling it up but… after a week of dutifully writing every night something happens and you miss a day… then 2 days… then 5 years. C’est la vie.

While I may not be the best at consistently journaling I am a sucker for new ways of recording my thoughts and memories.

large-msg-133632582951Some of my favorite journals only ask for 1 line a day. I have dealt with anxiety for awhile, so I got a line a day journal. I made myself write one positive sentence every night before I went to bed. It helps, because even though you only write 1 sentence you have to stop and think about your whole day. No matter how crappy my day might have been I made myself find a silver lining.












91hmIfa5aJL._SL1500_Another journal I have is called a My Life Story. It is a 100 year diary that you fill out for each season of the year. It’s pretty cool and I really only update it once or twice a year. I figure it will be fun for my daughters to look through when they get older.









41ijQLnm-ML._SX374_BO1,204,203,200_Baby books are another form of journaling. I have always loved looking through my own baby book. I spent a ridiculous amount of time deciding which baby book to get for my oldest daughter. It’s great! It covers the first few years and has a bunch of pockets for stuff. It was also SO guilt inducing when I finally gave birth to my daughter, and it took me 6 months to sit down and fill it out.


:ask myself “What kind of mother can’t remember the exact day/hour/minute that her baby first smiled?!”:

:Baby cries:

:boobs leak:

:breastfeed for a million minutes:

:forget about the damn baby book for 6 more months:





I got my second daughter a baby book from National Geographic. It’s full of GORGEOUS photography and quotes and juuuust the right amount of fill in the blank questions. I haven’t cracked it open since I gave birth 7 months ago. Oops.

That’s ok though! I will have them filled out sooner or later, and the girls will (maybe?) love them as much as I loved mine.






I have, once again, decided to start another journal project. I’ll be doing this one with my sister so maybe we will stay on track? We will be calling it “Wreck it Wednesday,” and plan on making it a weekly feature here for you guys. We are using Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith. The book’s tagline is “to create is to destroy”. It gives you prompts on each page like “cover this page in lines”, “ tear this page out and wash it in your pants pocket,” etc…

We will choose our pages separately most weeks, but for the first week we did them together. It was messy, but a ton of fun!

WiW 1

The point of this book is for you to start with a perfect book, and end with a book that is messy and uniquely your own. I really look forward to seeing what we both end up with!

Do you have a favorite journal? Have you completed Wreck This Journal? Let us know in the comments!


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