The following post is part of a Writing 101 ecourse I am taking from The Daily Post. I am participating in the course to help me get ideas for content as well as hone my writing skills for you good people. If you are a blogger, or just interested in writing check it out!

Lists are a running joke in my family. My older brother, Scott, would make lists after list after list. Notebooks full of them!! It was mainly stuff he wanted to buy, or stuff he would need to build something, if you can put it in list form Scott would. He’s weird.

List are actually huge business for websites nowadays. Facebook is full of “Top Ten Things That Are Dumb But You Act Like Care About Because You Are Procrastinating or Avoiding People Right Now” type lists. Case in point: The Top 10 DUMBEST Buzzfeed Lists.

Anyhoo, the prompt for Day 2 of Writing 101 is:

Today, write your own list on one of these topics:

  • Things I Like

  • Things I’ve Learned

  • Things I Wish

The “Things I’ve learned” option seems the most interesting choice to me. Hope you enjoy!

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned

1. It’s ok to be me.



 2. Family traditions are fun for your kids but magic for you.


3. Don’t trust ANYTHING you tell yourself in the middle of the night.



4. You do you.



5. The best stories happen when things go “wrong”.



6. A good pun is always the answer.



7. As a Mom, when in doubt ask WWMWD? (What would Molly Weasley do?)



8. WE are Groot.



9. There is ALWAYS more to the story.



10. Do as The Doctor tells you.



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